Best self-help books to read in 2020

Why to read self-help book?

best self-help book list contains some of the important books along with summary of it. Lets understand it in detail. Now A question is popping in my head, that is

When is the last time you have read a self-help book? It’s probably easy to answer if you are a bookworm ( i really appreciate you for that ) and if not probably you will say “I don’t remember”. “So what is a self-help book all about?”. 

Self-help books are books that are written based on experience about life, relationship, spirituality, and success and failure. 

The core question is “is it really important to read a self-help book?”. You have observed that none of the things that applicable in real life that we been taught in school. Real education is learning from experience.
But the thing is you and I got one life. So we can’t experience multiple things because life is too short, its better to learn from others’ experiences, other mistakes. 

So it is really important to read self-help books. Learning increases awareness and gives a multi-dimensional perspective to see the world. The  Best self-help book list contains some of the best seller books.

It contains a detailed summary covering all the chapters of a book. So, which book summary you want to read today? 

Best self-help book #1: The Celestine Prophecy

Celestine prophecy by James red field is one of the best self-help books which reflects the author’s spiritual experiences in the form of fictional adventure. Author James Red field has described spirituality with an adventure from USA to Peru.It contains nine insights of spirituality experienced by a main unnamed character.

The main character “I” started his journey from USA to Peru in a search of ancient manuscript containing the vital truths of how human life could change for good.

Government and church agents chased  him because they wanted it to suppress, but he tried his best to discover those 9 secret insights and many people helped him along the way.

After a thorough analysis of these 9 insights, Author concluded that there are 9 different dimensions of spirituality. Let’s explore each and every insight and what it is all about.

Each chapter below contain each insights that Author describe through out journey. What were those 9 secret insights written on Ancient manuscript that uncover spirituality ? Explore below.

Best self-help book #2: As a man thinketh

As a man thinketh by James Allen, is one of the best self-improvement books
which teaches the impact of our thoughts in action. It helps to develop a growth mindset. This book was published in 1903. 

1.6 million copies of book As a man thinketh sold world wide. This book became the foundation for all the self-development books published later on.
The title of this book “As a man thinketh” has taken inspiration from a bible verse. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. Proverbs 23:7.
As a man thinketh quote:
As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he"- As a man thinketh quote
A few important lessons from As a man thinketh book are “your mind is like a garden, it
depends on how we are taking care of this garden. Likewise, you have to aware of your thoughts, because what you think becomes your reality.
Allen describes “how our body is the servant of the mind” and how our thoughts are turns into habits and later on into a strong character. 

Man’s search for meaning

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl one of the great books based on life’s purpose and meaning.

During world war 2, Author Viktor Frankl was kept as a prisoner under a concentration camp.

Most prisoners preferred committing suicide rather than being kept in a concentration camp because it was considerably worst place to survive.

Prisoners, who were considered as unfit, they were killed in a gas chamber. It was known for High-end torture with the worst environmental condition. 

The author was kept for 3 years, where he learned great lessons of life and he shared his experience through this book, which is sold over 10 million copies. 

As the author was a doctor, so he used to help others. One day, a prisoner who was suffering from a disease called  “Typhus“, came to him and said that last night he dreamt a voice saying that you can ask me whatever you want, in reply he says, when I will be out from this prison, in reply that voice said, you will be out by 31 march. 

The prisoner was happy when he shared this incident. But when the time came, war picked to a new extreme, so the probability of getting out from the camp became less. The prisoner lost hope of getting out and died on 31st March. This incident taught great lessons to the author.

See you at the top by zig ziglar

Zig Ziglar one of the famous figures in self improvement industry. He has reflected his thoughts in many books like Zigler’s secret to closing the sales, Raising positive kids in a negative world, Success for Dummies, Over the top, see you at the top and many more.

In this book, Zig Zigler has described  6 practical principles  To achieve higher level  of success. 

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